Thursday, March 12, 2009

What ever happened to the Fig Newton? It is delicious, original, and somewhat healthy! It reminds me of my childhood. But why is it not receiving the recognition it deserves?
It has a unusual shape, is soft yet the texture of the jam gives you a small surprise when you bite into it. To me it is delightful and delish. It is a pastry filled with Jam. Who doesn't like that!! And it comes in a assortment of flavors, although my favorite is the plain old fashion original flavor.
I only know one other person who favors this yummy treat with me. I just don't understand why people aren't stocking these in their cupboards.
In any regard I would like to give a shout out to Charles M. Roser who created this brilliant little snack back in 1891. Thank You Mr. Roser, may the Fig live on forever:)


  1. Figs are phenomenal, but I would like to argue with you. They aren't healthy. They are just like any other cookie. In fact, if I remember correctly, there are about 150 calories in only 3 of them. Three is just simply not enough.

  2. Alissa Ann Bennion IngersollMarch 17, 2009 at 1:20 PM

    AFS, Inc. has purchased Figs recently even with the market the way it is Figs are a safe investment especially with RP around. You are welcome to stop by any time and partake!

  3. I love the Fig Newton. But you're right, I totally forgot about them. And I would choose Fig Newton's over 3/4 of the cookies at the grocery store. I must remember to get some the next time I go, it's just my lard butt has been begging me for.