Monday, June 6, 2011

Wow...back from the dead. And missing my Bees...

I can't sleep. I laid awake thinking about my queen bee friends. How we used to sit around doing nothing, yet laughing so hard my eyes would spout water. Water of joy. The same eyes that now weep water of wet tears because I miss those times. Those girls. The laughs. The friendship. Of course we are still friends, but all lead different lives now. So here are some lovely memories I was just reminiscing about....

  • Burnt candle on the white carpet in the love shack.

  • Kitchen floors that slant downward at least 15 degrees.

  • Driving under the peach tree on the lawn going mach 10!!!

  • Wishing I had a mega-phone. (still wouldn't mind finding one:)

  • Having only a tank of gas and enough money for a 6 pack of Mikes Lemonade...yet still driving that night time drive down to H town for 48 hours.

  • Sleeping dutch, not because we had too. But because that is what you want to do when you live in a house with your four besties.

  • Having a unlimited supply of Mike and Ikes. (One of the only reasons I made it through church o-so often)

  • Watching movies in the front room on the ugly pink and white plaid couch with next to nothing of the spring left. (Now I think about it what were we thinking allowing that couch in to our home? It was my brothers friend. Haha sick.)

  • Making up poems late in to the wee hours and reciting them through the thin wall Liss and Kel.

  • Rachel keeping a diet coke next to the bed at all times. Waking up at 4 in the morning to the joyous sound of.."psssjjj". A fresh DC opening up. A sound the must be similar to angel wings hovering around. Especially when it is slightly slushy on the top.MMmmm....

Those are just some of the precious times that invade my memory at the moment. I truly love my girl friends. Two with children now, two of us without. I would do anything for these girls.

Love you queen bees,

Love me:)

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