Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random Shiz-Nat

Tonight I witnessed a bum fight in downtown SLC. Two homeless and one Mal-nutrition female. Obviously drunk. No...obviously obliviated. So sad, yet entertaining. They pretty much danced around the 90 pound hooker and took turns falling down. Not because they were punch with such force it would knock them off their feet. But because gravity and alcohol don't mix very well. It was hilarious. And yes I don't care if that sounds like I am a heartless person. The Truth is the truth.

It is nearly Christmas and I haven't done much. I am very poor. So I apologize if everyone will be getting IOU's in the mail. Seriously. Sorry. I truly love to buy people gifts too. The joy of seeing them admire a thoughtful or useful gift. Or even something so stupid and absurd-the joy that they wouldn't have bought it for their selves but love it none the less. Agh....I love that. Hence the reason I am going crazy due to my George Washington Crisis. He is MIA!!!

I had a diet coke for breakfast this morning and it was heaven.

I had a patient today that had crepeitus. His skin honestly sounded like Rice krispies every time I touched it. The most absurd sensation I have ever felt. I will never look at a rice krispie treat the same ever again.
( Crepitus is a medical term to describe the grating, crackling or popping sounds and sensations experienced under the skin and joints.)

Also it is freezing. I long for beaches and tans. (Or even a sunburn for hell sake!)


  1. i totes would die for a sunburn right now... i am more broke than those bums fighting around the hooker, but can't wait for those holidays.... i miss you kristies

  2. dude you crack me up.
    im glad you swear
    it makes me feel better
    come get a tan at my salon, the waiting is no more:)