Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Plight with Super Bubble

The sweet smell, the soft, supple texture, and that powdery sugar type coating: it's enough to warrant an obsession. One piece at a time is just not enough, yet the flavor is gone before you can twist the wax wrapper back in place and discard. And the bubbles one can blow? Excellent.

QB and I bought some for a friend who likes bubble gum, and I thought I might need to take home a bag as well. As I prepared my backpack for school later, I packed a few for the inside pocket to chew during my midterm. But, they won't make it to class with me tonight. They will all be consumed, tossing away in my stomach. (I swallow my gum as a matter of habit, But this brings up another point: who would want to spit out a piece of Super Bubble, no matter how flavorless it had become?)

The plight of Super Bubble is this: Will I ever get enough to satiate my need? It's like Diet Coke, but worse because it's cheaper, easier to pack around since it always stays the same temperature, easier to conceal, and the smell is intoxicating. Oh, and it doesn't make you have to go to the restroom 6 times an hour if you so decide that you want to go on a binge after a bad day.


  1. I must be a exception. I don't like how it loses its flavor so darn fast. I don't like how the chalky outside gets on your fingertips, nor do I like how it gets hard. It reminds me of a dentist office. (Due to the smell...)
    I am happy you have such a delightful and easy to pack snack QB, but I have to disagree with this slight obsession of yours.

    Sincerely, qb 2

  2. i love it. I love double bubble the best, the green apple, grape and watermelon are exquisite extras. The bubbles rock, and they don't fill you up, so you could eat a whole bag in one sitting, I like the tempation