Monday, July 20, 2009

Today I would like to pay tribute to my good friend "Idaho's" deed for the day. This small deed allowed one small step forward for woman around the world.

We have all been in this situation or one similar. Minding our own business, walking into a store, down the street, ect. And then you hear it. "Ma'am...scuse me maaammm. Do you have any spare change?" We see out of our peripheral vision a person, a person who just happens to be a transient. We sigh and take a deep breath in. Wondering if what is running through our heads will filter the madness out before reaching our lips. Most of the time for me it does. I quickly say "no", which is usually the truth, and carry on with my errands. I don't carry cash. Why? Because I will spend it. I will spend my hard earned money on useless items. So why would I spend my hard earned cash on someone that I do not know? Well, I often fall for their story and dig some change out of my pocket. But why do I feel so inclined to do this? I feel like I need a hand out half the time. Wouldn't it be great to spend time outside in the sunshine, having people give you money? Yes, at times it would be. Then I remember I have self respect and don't assume others owe me anything.

So anyways here is the situation that occurred today. (At a wal-mart none the less).

My friend "Idaho" is looking at some items. Man approaches and tells her he is trying to buy diapers for his kid but is a $1.50 short, "they must have changed the prices". Idaho just happens to have some cash and decides to help this stranger out. Mind you Idaho also has a baby of her own to feed and clothe. A few minutes later on another isle she sees this man hustling another lady. Idaho notices and follows him for a few minutes. He is saying the same story to other ladies. Idaho decides to approach this man and confront him. Good for her. She asks for her money back, and the man says no. It wasn't necessarily about the money, but the principle behind it all. Idaho confronts him for lying with this horrible story about his children's diapers to get money from woman who are alone shopping. How awful is that! He had a entire scheme. It is sad, and embarrassing. He pretty much runs out of the store. Hopefully humiliated and realizing that people are on to him and his scheme.

So now I may sound like a b-i-t-c-h. I feel horrible about this. And the song Moments by Emerson Drive comes to mind.

I was coming to the end of a long long walk When a man crawled out of a cardboard box Under the E. Street Bridge Followed me on to it

I went out halfway across With that homeless shadow tagging along,So I dug for some change Wouldn't need it anyway

He took it lookin' just a bit ashamed He said, You know, I haven't always been this way

I've had my moments, days in the sun Moments I was second to none Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do, Like that plane ride coming home from the war

That summer my son was born

And memories like a coat so warm A cold wind can't get through

Lookin' at me now you might not know it But I've had my moments.

When I hear this song it makes me cry. I don't know where these people come from, or what their journey in life has been. They may have been war hero's, are someones true love, had a loved one die and lost it. It is not my place to judge them. But I do. And I hate myself for it. But I also hate that there are people in the world scheming others out of their hard earned wages.
That is all.

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