Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Strange Day for the Queen Bees....

And so it began...... A somewhat rainy day. Two girls trying to get out and catch up....

But I soon realize that every time I am with Rachel I notice strange things.
Rae introduced me to this hidden little gem of a place. Not exactly sure what or where these bikes came from. When we asked the guy he said, "All over the world". Sounds kinda shady, but whatev. They had some nice vintage rides to choose from. Most of which were way overpriced.....But I did find a purple Vintage Cruiser! I love it. I still need to find a name for it.

After we left we went for a stroll around the Sugar house area. It is so gorgeous up there!

Here are a few strange encounters we had today:

1)Man on motorcycle riding on the sidewalk like a bat out of hell with the most ridiculous/funky helmet I have ever seen. It was strange

2) A very plump lady being man handled by her boyfriend who was 1/3 her size. It was gross.

3)Man with a bou-font hair due at the gateway. He left his house knowing he looked GOOD! O

4) Strange man at the bike shop trying to cut us a deal like we were in Mexico.

5) A house that looked like a shed. In the middle of other houses. I'm not sure who lives there, or how it past inspection. It was strange though. (This picture does NOT do it justice. It must be about 400Sq. ft. Shack on the left side of the pic....)

6) A nice man who we met on our bike ride who found out I was looking for a home. He told me his friend was selling one for $160,000 down from $300,000 bc he was in a bind and had to move. So we went to look at it. No, it was $245.000!!! Thanks a lot Franks friend. Thanks for fooling two Innocent girls into going on this chase for a make believe steal of a deal.

7) And finally a house with a Penis on it. Yes,I mean the anatomical part that is only on males. Worst part is Rae saw it a month ago, and they still haven't covered it up yet. Why? Why oh why would you do this to a very nice looking home Dear Penis House people? It hurts my heart.

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  1. Nice recap of the day. Why do we both look all confused on the tandem? Maybe because of the tall handlebars that would be more fitting on a chopper?