Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Random Thoughts.....

Lately on my mind:

*Corn Dogs (I haven't had one in years, but lately I can't stop thinking about them. I even had a dream about a crispy delicious corn dog)
*Akon (love him)
*Cadburry Mini Eggs
*Carmel Macchiato's
*The Gym....ugh....
*Trying to process the fact that I heard a story (through a friend) that his friends mother once adopted a puppy and breast fed it!!! No joke! Regrettably this story is not made up.
*And also....same person who's mother let a puppy suckle her breast, brother whom is 22 still believes in Santa Claus.

1 comment:

  1. Aww my Queen bees it has been to long I just got caught up on the blog. I also had been thinking about a corndog haven't had one in years till last Saturday, I got one at Hot Dog on a Stick, over priced but it was good!! Love the pic of the BYU loser!! And yes Kelly Pickler is a dumbass but I wish I looked like that!!!!