Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go Fight Win! BYU's Newest cheerleader and outfits...

I often times see very strange things. People looking retarded in cars, perhaps someone dancing strange in a store, weird signs, ect.
Most of the time I am by myself, or with my Queen Bee and we get a good laugh. These are the little things that keep my life happy. I do understand that others misfortunes should not make me smile, but they do. So sue me!
As I was house hunting last week I managed to site this gem going on a walk with his dog. And luckily I had my camera.
Yup, that is a cut off BYU hoodie, and tight striated pants. And I mean those suckas were
t-i-g-h-t! Good on him for feeling so comfortable ya know.
But really? Come on peeps! Get it together:)


  1. I want to be his friend.

  2. What struck me as pretty f-ed up: the dye job on his pants. he probably got them in the women's section at buckle. it's wrong for a man, let alone anyone, to be buying and wearing streaky bleached pants like that. it's not 1997 anymore.