Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snyder's did it again......

they perplexed me. i just bought these new hot buffalo wing pretzels, and have been eating them on the bed for the last hour, trying to decide what i think of them. why would this be so hard? there are many snacks out there that don't require you to decide. rather, its automatic, like the trustee fig newton, or perhaps some chocolate flavored twizzlers.

but snyder's is smart. they make is difficult for a consumer to decide what they REALLY feel about a product. it's smart because this indecision may lead to multiple purchases. you know, so you can eat enough and really get an idea of the flavor there.

well, i like buffalo wings. i like them a lot. the pretzels actually do taste like wings. they even have a slight chicken flavor, which sounds disturbing, but isn't.

i think i might like these.

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