Sunday, February 8, 2009

i love honey

Now that we have the Queen Bee defined, let me just say, as a QB, that I like honey. No, I more than like it. I love it. Honey is so natural and delicious. And few things in this world are.

On to the rant of the day: the peeps in the movie we went to last night. Fellow QB and I sat down to enjoy a nice flick. The flick itself was good, cute, funny, all the things you wish for in a flick for chicks. However, as I was leaving, I said to my fellow QB, "I'll be honest, I would have enjoyed that a lot more had it not been for the other movie-goers". She agreed.

Why is it that every single time I sit behind/in front of obnoxiously annoying peeps? It doesn't matter what you do, they don't take a hint. (Unless you turn around and verbally abuse and sarcastically reprimand. Right Krystal?) I have a hard time understanding why the common crowd feels like it's actually acceptable to clap/offer their opinion outloud/snort while there are a hundred other money-paying citizens within ear shot who are just trying to decide what they feel about the movie.

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  1. Queen Bee K here. I would also like to comment on this annoying habit that seems to be taking over the movie goers in the community. I don't like it. I despise it. Why would one think to theirselves, "It is ok for me to comment outloud throughout this movie, at a PUBLIC movie theatre with other paying customers"!!! It is obnoxious. What if everyone decided to comment? Ugh, I hate it. And one more thang! Do you really have to clap after? I mean YES the movie was good. Keep your comments and happy amusement to yourself to discuss with your friends/family/dates AFTER the movie:)