Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm perplexed

These recently made their way to my home. I love pretzels, but I did not buy them; my mother-in-law (feng shui Queen) gave them to me sometime around Christmas. I don't think she loved them, but being adventurous, I took them. Why not?

I ate them on the drive home from her house. Then I ate them when I got home. Then I tucked them away neatly in my makeshift pantry and forgot. A couple weeks later, Krystal came over and started eating them. I was a little worried that she would start ranting and raving about their weird flavor and ask a slew of questions, like usual, such as: "Why do you have these", etc. She didn't. A couple days later, she was back, eating them again. She told me she didn't know if she liked them or not, but she kept going back for more. After that statement was made, I realized that I, too, am perplexed. These pretzels are a mystery.

Last night I finished the bag o' bits. While eating, I wondered what exactly it was that I liked about the pretzels. They have a peculiar shape and not one of them is whole. That is pretty strange. Their flavor is so strong that I had to eat popcorn in between bites to keep me from salivating on my shirt. Not to mention the fact that every single time you stick a hand in the bag, fish out a piece or two, and partake, there is inevitably flavor powder all over your fingertips. This residue must be cleaned off, and your mouth is the only tool at that moment.

I don't know... the peeps at Snyder's must be pretty smart.


  1. Perplexed is the perfect statement for the bag o' mystery snack. And that I was while somewhat enjoying these little slivers of mess and flavor. But now I must say that I do not think I like them. 1)The odd shape throws you off. I am unsure if the bag was smashed, leading to the little slivers and bits. Regardless I like something solid. 2)The garlic powder residue on my fingers. Not a fan. 3) It was a trick. I kept thinking to myself that it would be a delicious pretzel (like Snyders usually makes!) with a flavorful little coating. Not the case. So yes, the peeps at Snyders are pretty smart. Yet I would prefer a bag of Gardettos any day.

  2. Ok you didn't need to bring up Gardetto's on a day like this, when they are clearly unavailable to me. I would like a rebuttle. The bits are not an accident. They are made to be like crumby bit sof pretzel. Whomever came up with this is insane, for I have to admit that I also love a solid snack.

  3. Ok. First off, K and R. You guys are funny and weird, and there was a time when I thought you two could be les. The pretzel issue I can relate to. Now I have never tasted these but I know the feeling. I love those small candies called snaps. Now do i really like the taste? or the texture? Just love eating them.