Monday, February 9, 2009

Wow, Why didn't I realize the "He's just not that into you" rules sooner!

First off, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that a movie made things click in my head more than years of experience and hurt and lessons has thus far for myself regarding relationships. Really? Really? I feel stupid for not seeing things this clearly sooner. I can't imagine what pain I could have saved myself if I had just realized a few of these rules. And now bare with me while I vent. (Thank you in advance).

Rule: "I'm not ready for a relationship, but I really like you."
-Yeah, if you like me then commit. I will no longer wait around for someone to realize how great I am, or what valuable attributes I have that I can contribute to their lives.

Rule: (I have) "Well It is better than nothing..."
-Umm No. "Nothing" is better than waiting around wishing that someone would be as in to me as I am into them. Do I not deserve the very best. Yes. And it might take some time, but that is what I have right now. Time. As long as I don't stay with "Mr. He will do for now" and move on with my life. My own "single" happy to be myself life.

Rule: The "Non-Titled" Relationships.
-If you like me enough, you will be willing to jump into a relationship with me.Of course after dating for a while...I don't expect this to happen on the first date, or first few weeks. Although when it has come to that point in the relationship do not dabble around the edges. Jump into the Water regardless if you are in your best suit. You are either in, or I am out! Peace.

Rule: (My own) If I am having that feeling of "something is not right, or different", then it is.
-Get out, and get out quick. I once refused to acknowledge these feelings for a few weeks, not knowing if it was me being "crazy" or if I was honestly feeling a change come about in the relationship. Come on! Intuition is what girls are born with. It is a unique talent that we have for a reason! Why did I ever ignore this. I am not sure. But once I finally caught on, I caught a cheater. And there is nothing worse than putting your heart into something, someone and find out they can't give you the same respect back.

Rule: If he is a slacker, and not a fighter: Then He doesn't deserve you.
-I am a hard worker, and expect the same. I have been actively pursuing my dreams my entire life. You better too! Why does it seem that more and more men (boys) these days are not as ambitious as the females in my life. Is it that hard to hold down a job? NO. Is it hard to put your mind into something and make it actually happen? Well Yes, but who cares! Do it. Shut up with the million of excuses you have, get off your ass and go to school. Get a job and take care of yourself. I want to be with someone who has goals and is constantly working towards them. And also. If you aren't going to fight for me to be in a relationship with you, then I don't want to be in one. That simple. If you really like me, fight for me. I wouldn't let someone walk away that I fell for. I shouldn't have to worry about that. My worries should be running out of Diet Coke, and getting to the gym.

-Queen Bee K.


  1. I'm glad that you have a place where you can vent your feelings. It's healthy. And you know what? Running out of Diet Coke is a real life problem. It is not a joke. Also I really don't see you running out of Diet Coke while living with Teena. She is on the ball with many things, and certainly having 12 packs stashed in the garage at all times.